A chance encounter with country legend Steve Earle changed everything for guitarist and songwriter, Matt Lenny. As Matt tells it, “I was sitting in Matt Umanov Guitars in Greenwich Village and in walks Steve Earle. He picked up an acoustic guitar and just started strumming some chords. And…I don’t know how to put it except to say that, when he played G and C, it was every country song ever written. When I played G and C, it was just a couple of chords. But, when he did it, it was deep; it had soul and groove and power. It really blew my mind. I’d been touring with all these loud rock bands and had all these chops, but he had the song in every strum. I’ve been chasing that ever since.”

Filling up his iPod with artists like Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Ryan Adams, Matt began exploring a new songwriting voice and musical direction. More poetic, more rooted in Americana, often quieter, but still dramatic.

Now based out of Chicago, Matt continues to chase the power of simplicity with his band, The Elm City Council.

Their newest EP, "Troubadours and Thieves", showcases Matt’s powerful voice and distinctive guitar playing in an upbeat folk/rock sound - "rock and roll with country soul", as Matt likes to call it -  while the lyrics tell stories of identity and the search for belonging in times of change.