Back in the saddle...

Hey everyone,

It's been a long winter/spring/summer on this end. Quick summary of the highlights:

  • Developed some vocal trouble: Turns out I sing ok thanks to years of┬álessons, but I actually talk wrong. So, I was starting to lose my voice completely and have had to basically re-learn how to speak. Fun stuff!
  • My wife and I welcomed a baby boy to the household. First name: Bowie. Yup. After that Bowie. I figured he'll either grow up feeling super cool or hate us for that choice his whole life. Either way, we win (even if it is in a "Boy Named Sue" kind of way...)
  • Did a bunch of work at the day job, went on some vacations, figured out how to juggle two kids, learned a bunch of fingerpicking blues in the wee hours of the mornings
  • Got serious about home recording and mixing
  • Set up a project studio for the band

I'll try to write more about all these things later, but it's officially time to get back into performing and releasing music.'s the first couple tracks! These hit Apple Music/Spotify/Etc. later this week, but you can hear it here now:

Hope you all are doing well and looking forward to seeing you at some shows and/or online in the coming months.